Director’s Welcome

Welcome to Total Care Services, Inc.

Before Total Care Services, Inc., there was Wheeler & Associates Inc.

Wheeler & Associates, Inc. was established 1987 in an endeavor to be responsive to the rapidly evolving sociological challenges facing the US healthcare industry in the 1980s. Spiraling costs a diminution of the quality of care resulting from complex service delivery; and an emerging awareness that smaller community-based services were more viable for the treatment of long-term physical, mental and developmental disabilities made it apparent that more innovative methods of providing services were necessary.

Notable foresight and awareness of the a myriad of issues facing the healthcare management industry served as a catalyst for Drucella Ndoye, MSW (Executive Director and founder of Wheeler & Associates, Inc.) to conceptualize a series of clinical and psycho-social treatment models designed to provide a network of supportive services to individuals presenting an array of physiological, mental and emotional challenges. The company initially targeted individuals with developmental disabilities, offering interventions which both augmented the successful deinstitutionalization effort for the Washington, DC Metropolitan area and provided support systems needed for individuals to remain in their homes and communities of origin. The interventions provided by Wheeler & Associates, Inc. were designed to facilitate the maintenance of physical and mentally challenged individuals in environments that are least restrictive and conducive to an optimum quality of life. Wheeler & Associates, Inc.’s predominant efforts have been the development of Individual Habilitation Plans (IHPs); and multi disciplinary diagnostic assessments.

Through the development of a highly competent interdisciplinary professional team approach and a results-oriented management philosophy, Wheeler & Associates, Inc. quickly synthesized its organizational resources into a corporate entity capable of solving problems and providing strategies with measurable impact on policy planning in the local healthcare industry.

Mrs. Ndoye had a vision of expanding into additional markets such as psychiatric services, family systems interventions, displaced populations, therapeutic residential programs, and home care. In an effort to maintain Wheeler & Associates, Inc.’s reputation for high quality service delivery Mrs. Ndoye felt it important to keep Wheeler & Associates, Inc. specialized and focused on the development of Individual Habilitation Plans now called Individual Support Plans.
Mrs. Ndoye’s vision became a reality with the incorporation of Total Care Services, Inc.

Established September 29, 2003 Total Care Services, Inc. is a Non Profit Organization charged with the task of implementing services recommended by the Individual Service Plan.

Originally providing only clinical services, Total Care Services, Inc. has grown to involve itself in nearly every aspect of our citizen’s lives, from home life and financial management to socialization, from health and safety to transportation. Our team of qualified and dedicated clinical and administrative staff makes it possible for Total Care Services, Inc. to enjoy a reputation for delivering superior healthcare services that not only conform to – but often establish industry standards for performance.

Total Care Services, Inc. has often pushed the boundaries of what is accepted as status quo in the District of Columbia, most notably with our Medicaid Waiver Program. Mrs. Ndoye herself has achieved recognition from the District of Columbia for her pioneering efforts in boosting recipient enrollment in the District’s Medicaid Waiver Program during its infancy.

Ms. Drucella Wheeler Ndoye, MSW, Executive Director

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