Personal Care Assistant

Personal Care Assistant Services

Personal Care Assistant services are provided to District of Columbia residents with physical or mental impairments, who are referred to Total Care Services Inc. by the DC Department on Disability Services, Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA).

What Is The Eligibility For Personal Care Assistant Services?

The Rehabilitation Services Administration requires all prospective clients to complete the RSA Application Form. The application process is the first step in becoming eligible for services and meeting the person’s employment goal. People will work with an assigned Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist to validate eligibility for services and develop an Individualized Plan for Employment (IPE).

The Application Process includes:

  • Informed Choice
  • Creating an Individual Plan for Employment
  • Eligibility Requirements
  • Financial Participation
  • For additional information you may contact RSA via email: or phone (202) 730-1700 – TTY: (202) 730-1516.

What Are Personal Care Assistant Services?

Personal Care Assistant services (PCA) means a range of services provided by one or more persons designed to assist people with a substantial disability(s).

Total Care Services, Inc.’s PCA services are designed to assist a person with daily living activities on or off the job. These activities are typically performed without assistance, if the person did not have a disability.

Total Care Services Inc.’s PCA services are designed to increase the person’s control in life and ability to perform everyday activities on or off the job.

Total Care Services Inc.’s PCA services are delivered to a person during the period of their vocational training, employment and independent living skill development.

Total Care Services Inc.’s PCA services are provided in accordance with written recommendations from the person’s personal care physician.

What Assistance Is Provided Through Personal Care Assistant Services?

Total Care Services, Inc.’s Director of Nursing will oversee all health services provided to persons, who are receiving services from our PCA(s).

Total Care Services, Inc.’s PCA(s) will provide supports using the person-centered planning approach. Services will be based on the person’s Individual Plan of Employment (IPE), which will be provided by RSA. The IPE will include the person’s desired employment, needs, preferences, strengths, and desires.

Total Care Services, Inc.’s PCA(s) will provide these service in a person’s home and work/vocational training site.

Total Care Services, Inc.’s PCA services include, but is not limited to the following:

  • Assistance with improving self-help skills
  • Assistance with nutritional and eating habits
  • Assistance with bathing, dressing, personal hygiene, tooth brushing, job appropriate grooming, problem resolution and other activities of daily living, (e.g. picking up medicine or mailing payments for utilities),
  • Assistance with travel training and services, to and from job training, or place of employment or medical appointments
  • Assistance with securing the person’s clothing, personal items, and medication
  • Assistance with interaction with the community and other resources
  • Assistance with and delivery of services during the period of vocational training, employment and independent living
  • Assistance with transfer, ambulation and range of motion exercises; as documented in the person’s IPE and physician’s order
  • Assistance with self-administered medications, as documented in the person’s IPE, physician order, under the direction of Total Care Services Inc.’s Director of Nursing and Habilitation Specialist

Other Personal Care Supports

  • The PCA will measure and record  the person’s temperature, pulse, blood pressure and respiration. The PCA will be  guided by Total Care Services, Inc.’s Director of Nursing and the Habilitation Specialist.
  • The PCA(s) will supervise and monitor people to address their safety, daily living activities, and work place challenges. The PAC will also assess a person for injuries, signs of declining health and/or behavioral changes.
  • The PCA will not leave a person unattended or unsecured through the duration of the service/ rehabilitation process.