Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is the mission and vision of your agency?

Response: The mission of Total Care Services, Inc. is “Helping Others Meet Life’s Challenges”. Our vision is to be the leading company that designs, promotes, and provides high quality health care programs, services and products that empower people to maximize their potential.

Question: How long has your agency served as a provider of services to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities?

Response: Total Care Services, Inc. has served the IDD community since 2003 as a District of Columbia Home and Community-based Medicaid Waiver provider. Beginning in March 2014, Total Care Services, Inc., through the Total Care Services Coordination of Community Services Program, assumed the role of a Coordinator of Community Services (formerly known as Resource Coordination Services). In 2021, Total Care Services, Inc. was awarded a contract to provide Comprehensive Case Management and Supports Planning Services (Supports Planning) statewide in Maryland. Total Care Services, Inc. is excited to expand our services and continue to bring a commitment to quality and choice to those we serve.

Question: In what jurisdictions does the agency provide services?

Response: Total Care Services, Inc. provides direct supports services in the District of Columbia. These services include In-Home Supports, Companion, Parenting Support, Residential (Supportive Living and Host Home), Respite, and Clinical Services (Behavior Support, Family Care Training and Nutrition). These services are provided through authorizations from the D. C. Department on Disability Services.

In the State of Maryland, Total Care Services’ Coordination of Community Services Program serves as a Targeted Case Management agency under the Developmental Disabilities Administration. These coordination of community services (CCS) are provided in the following counties in central Maryland – Harford, Howard, Baltimore, Anne Arundel, and the city of Baltimore. In addition, coordination of community services are provided in the southern region of Maryland (Montgomery, Prince George’s, Charles, St. Mary’s, and Calvert counties.

In addition, in the state of Maryland, Total Care Services, Inc.’s Supports Planning Program through the Maryland Department of Health, Office of Long-Term Services and Supports will be providing Supports Planning services in all counties and cities across the state of Maryland.

Question: For your Coordination of Community Services program, what is the coordinator to individual ratio?

Response: Total Care Services’ CCS program seeks to maintain a staff to individuals ratio of 1 to 35. Each of the Coordinators of Community Services is a college graduate, with extensive experience in the case management or human service delivery. Approximately, thirty percent of the staff hold Master’s degrees.

Question: What is there about Total Care Services, Inc. that is unique compared to other providers?

Response: Total Care Services, Inc. has more than eighteen years of experience working on behalf of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, complex medical needs and behavioral health needs. The agency has consistently maintained its licensed status in the District of Columbia as a provider under the Department on Disability Services. In fact, since the inception of the Provider Certification Review Process, Total Care Services, Inc. has been awarded full annual certifications of each for its District Programs.

All Total Care Services, Inc. programs are staffed with experienced, qualified and knowledgeable professionals to assist persons supported in receiving services that meet their needs, goals and preferences. Total Care Services, Inc. is committed to quality assurance across all settings and programs.

Question: How is eligibility for services determined?

Responses: For the District of Columbia program, the D.C. Department on Disability Services makes determinations of people’s eligibility for services. Eligible individuals are referred to Total Care Services, Inc. for services that meet their needs.

Under the Maryland Coordination of Community Services program, the Developmental Disabilities Administration makes similar determinations of eligibility. The decision regarding eligibility is based on the recommendations contained in a Comprehensive Assessment. Total Care Services, Inc. is one of the agencies that conducts Comprehensive Assessments for applicants.