Together we can

make our community stronger.

Partner with Us

Good things happen when we come together. With the help of supporters and partners, we can make a positive and lasting impact in the communities we serve.

Together, we can raise awareness of available resources, services, and supports. We can expand access to healthcare to people who need it most. We can create opportunities for those we serve to live their best life. And we can make our communities better and stronger.

Community partners, such as schools, local governments, and other organizations can:

  • Be an advocate
  • Bring new, diverse audiences
  • Provide resources, such as supplies, funds, or volunteers
  • Hire someone we serve
  • Help develop tomorrow’s changemakers through internships at TCS

Hire Someone with a Disability

Do you own a business in the DC metropolitan area? Consider partnering with us to offer an employment opportunity to someone we serve in the District of Columbia. Hiring someone with a disability can help:

  • Meet your workforce needs
  • Provide meaningful work to a member of your community
  • Create a culture of diversity and inclusion

Interested in partnering with us? Please complete a contact form so we can get in touch with you.