Residential Supports

At Total Care Services, Inc., our Residential Supports include a range of services delivered in community-based residential settings. Our goal is to help you to achieve your goals, developing skills and relationships that support your participation in the community. That's why our services are designed with an approach that is person-centered.

Our Direct Support Professionals will support your participation in activities of your choice throughout the community. Go shopping, banking, use library services, volunteer, and more. Build towards your future of greater independence with these Residential Supports:

  • Supported Living
  • Host Home
  • Residential Habilitation

Supported Living Services

Do you want to live in your community and enjoy your independence? Whether you prefer to live on your own or with a roommate, TCS' Supported Living services can help.

Our Supported Living services include habilitation, personal care, nursing, and other residential supports. We will help you gain, maintain, and improve skills related to activities of daily living. Our services are offered in a home serving one to three people. Transportation can be optional.

How do Supported Living services help?

Our goal is to help you live the life you want and participate actively in your community. We'll support and empower you to make choices with our person-centered approach. You'll receive hands-on support and habilitation services from our dedicated and trained staff.

Benefits of Supported Living services include:

  • Developing social and adaptive skills
  • Developing skills related to activities of daily living, like personal grooming, chores, and eating and meal preparation
  • Transportation training
  • Opportunities for community exposure
  • Support for community integration
  • Access to nursing and nutrition services, including 24-hour supervision, 7 days a week
  • Access to occupational, physical, behavioral, and speech therapies as needed

Host Home

TCS' Host Homes offer a safe way to live in your community in a family-type setting and maintain your independence.

TCS' Host Home services provide a family-type setting to support you in achieving your goals. You can take part in community life and activities, maintain your health, and build on the skills that are important to you, such as:

  • Daily living activities
  • Money management
  • Travel capabilities
  • Recreation
  • Cooking
  • Shopping
  • Using community resources
  • Community safety
  • Other adaptive skills needed to live in the community

Residential Habilitation Services

(We are currently not accepting new participants.)

One-Time Transitional Services

What if you also need professional services?

Are you moving out on your own? You may be eligible for one-time transitional services.

One-Time Transitional Services are non-recurring set-up expenses for people who are transitioning from an institutional or another provider-operated living arrangement to a living arrangement in a private residence where you are directly responsible for your own living expenses.

One-Time Transitional Services are limited up to $5,000 (One-Time). Allowable expenses are those necessary to setup a basic household and may include:

  • security deposits
  • essential household furnishings
  • set-up fees or deposits for utility or service access
  • services necessary for your health and safety such as pest eradication and one-time cleaning prior to occupancy
  • moving expenses
  • necessary home accessibility adaptations
  • activities to assess the need for, arrange for and procure needed resources

Eligibility for this service is determined by the Department on Disability Services (DDS).