The TCS Difference

We’re here for you.

You are at the center of everything we do. At Total Care Services, Inc., we are dedicated to ensuring the highest level of care based on your needs, goals, and preferences. We help you understand your options so you can make the choices that work best for you.

We support those who support others.

Taking care of someone can be tough. As a family member or caregiver, we are here for you too. Whether you have questions or need help with everyday tasks, we are here to help you get the support you need.

We build trust through relationships.

You can count on us. As you go through life, your needs change. We are with you at every stage of your journey. We listen. We get to know you. We follow up and follow through because we care.

We connect you with resources in the community.

Being part of a community is more than your address. It’s feeling connected to family, friends, and neighbors and living your best life. We link you to supports, services, and resources that make your community the place you call home.

A little bit about us.

Founded in 2003, Total Care Services, Inc. (TCS) has built its reputation on a simple core belief: Everyone has the right to live a full life in their community. We promote inclusion and community integration for people of all ages who are living with:

  • Complex medical needs
  • Intellectual and developmental disabilities
  • Behavioral health needs
  • Physical disabilities

We are a nonprofit organization located in Lanham, Maryland in Prince George's County. Our programs and services support people who live in the District of Columbia and Maryland.

Our Mission

Helping others meet life's challenges.

Through our person-centered approach, we empower you to live the life you want.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the leading organization that plans, promotes, and provides high-quality health care programs, services, and products to the people and communities we support.

Our Values

These values represent our guiding principles and our commitment to you:

  • To serve as an advocate by following up and following through in all activities, services, and interventions
  • To promote person-centered planning in service coordination
  • To ensure the arrangement of quality services, programs, and supports to meet the highest standards of excellence
  • To ensure honesty and trustworthiness in providing services
  • To ensure partnership for services with the people we support, employees, governing officials, and others (family members, advocates, attorneys, guardians, etc.) as a way of reaching a shared goal
  • To ensure the satisfaction of the people we serve and our employees
  • To seek growth and leadership in our services by identifying unmet needs and providing creative solutions to meet those needs
  • To ensure that the people we support have opportunities to make choices and to fully participate in community activities and employment
  • To maximize the independence of the people that we support with minimal interruption


Wheeler & Associates, Inc. founded to provide diagnostic and clinical evaluations and assessments and develop Individual Habilitation Plans (IHPs) as a roadmap to help people with intellectual and developmental disabilities fully integrate into the community.


Total Care Services, Inc. established as a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization providing residential, in-home, and day program services for over 200 District of Columbia residents through Health Services for Children with Special Needs and Department on Disability Services' Developmental Disabilities Administration and Rehabilitation Services Administration.


Total Care Services, Inc. expands into Maryland. TCS establishes its Coordination of Community Services program with approval from the Maryland Department of Health's Developmental Disabilities Administration to provide Targeted Case Management (TCM) in the Central and Southern regions of Maryland.


Total Care Services, Inc. approved to be a provider of Comprehensive Case Management and Supports Planning Services through Maryland Department of Health's Office of Long Term Services and Supports.


Total Care Services, Inc.’s Coordination of Community Services program expands statewide with approval from the Maryland Department of Health's Developmental Disabilities Administration. TCS will now provide Targeted Case Management (TCM) in the Western and Eastern Shore regions in addition to the Central and Southern regions of Maryland.

The Road to Inclusion

The roots of our organization go back to the late 1970s. Back then, people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) were still often placed in institutions. A growing movement helped society realize this isolation was unnecessary and cruel. They began to see that people with IDD should and could be thriving members of the community. And that caring for them with home and community-based services was not only better for them, but less costly too.

As support grew, so did the push for de-institutionalization. In the DC area, Forest Haven was the name of the state-run institution for people with IDD. Our Executive Director, Drucella Wheeler Ndoye, was part of the efforts to transition residents of Forest Haven into safe and integrated community settings. This inspired her to establish Wheeler & Associates, the predecessor of Total Care Services, Inc.

Visit Meet Our Executive Director to learn more about Ms. Wheeler's journey.

To learn more about the inclusion movement and the residents of Forest Haven, check out this video: From Institution to Inclusion.

Three multi ethnic preschool girls in their classroom. One of the girls (in the middle) is of Caucasian ethnicity and has Down syndrome. The other girls are of African and mixed race ethnicity.