An art about a man wearing a cap while holding a basketball

Meet Kevin

Kevin is 19 years old. He lives at his home in Silver Spring with his mother and is attending the local high school. Kevin’s mom helps him remember to take all his medicines and use his CPAP machine when he sleeps to keep his airway open. When he has a seizure, she knows how to handle it. Kevin’s mom also helps him plan and prepare his meals as he is on a special diet. During the pandemic Kevin was sad to miss out on seeing friends and teachers. His mom got behind on signing up Kevin for benefits when he turned 18 due to pandemic-related closures, but Kevin’s mom knows she needs to help Kevin prepare for his future and life after high school.

What’s important:

  • Going to the library and practicing reading books about basketball
  • Loves going to the park and watching basketball games
  • Enjoys talking to new people
  • Wants a job where he gets to be around friendly people and talk to them
  • Wants more friends

Circle of support:

  • Kevin’s mom, who is also his legal guardian
  • Kevin’s teacher, Ms. Davis, who is teaching him to use the bus
  • Kevin’s neighbor, Jason, who plays basketball with him

Health History:

  • Down Syndrome
  • Congenital Heart Disease
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Epilepsy
  • Celiac Disease
  • ADHD, Anxiety, Depression

Goals & challenges:

  • Needs to apply for public benefits he became eligible for at 18
  • Needs 24/7 supervision in case of health emergency (i.e., seizures)
  • Needs support with some routines like shaving, taking meds and preparing meals
  • Needs to practice travelling in the community safely
  • Needs support to stay on task at work and overcome limited reading skills
  • Kevin’s mom wants help managing Kevin’s meds and routines and preparing for a future if she is not there to take care of him.

How we help:

Kevin’s Coordinator of Community Services (CCS) is there to support him and his mom with the transition from high school to adult services. Kevin will soon be eligible to apply for DDA funding through the Governor’s Transitioning Youth Initiative (GTYI). His CCS will support him and his mom in making sure they are aware of the transition services GTYI offers and that they don’t miss the important application deadline.

  • Kevin’s CCS will help him, and his mom gather the documents they need to submit Kevin’s
    applications for benefits and future supports on time and to the right places.
  • Kevin’s CCS will communicate with him regularly. If Kevin or his mom would like, his CCS can support him at his IEP meetings at school.
  • Kevin’s CCS will explain any options available to him after high school so he can explore any available opportunities for further education, skills training or support getting and keeping a job and express his preferences.
  • Kevin’s CCS will help Kevin and his mom explore supports and services that may be needed in the future when Kevin’s mom is not available to care for him.

Learn more about our Transitioning Youth Services here.